Namaste! Hello! Aloha! Hola! Ciao! Bonjour! Привет! Ni hao! Konnichiwa!
      My Tantric name is Tantressa Vega (some may know me under a different name). I am a God-gifted natural Intuitive Healer and extensively trained Tantric practitioner and Energy worker. I am proud that in 2004 I introduced Tantra to Las Vegas' massage community through publishing articles about various aspects of Tantra.
     I have trained quite a few students who now successfully work as Tantrikas or incorporate Tantric techniques into their massage practices. I am also proud of healing, educating and literally changing lives of thousands of men, women and couples who visited me for sessions. Although I often work with VIP's and celebrities who come to me from all over the globe, I try to help anyone who is interested in learning Tantra and experiencing Tantric or other bodywork modalities.

      As a massage provider, I possess that very special, famous Tantic Touch, which is completely heart-centered, unconditionally loving, compassionate, intuitive, nurturing, worshiping, healing, pleasurable, and unforgettably sensual. At every session I treat every seeker as God or Goddess he/she truly is. I offer them my total presence and dedication. They praise me for being a skillful & knowledgeable Tantrika, as well as an understanding, kind, friendly, humorous, and honest person.

      As a Tantric educator, I use a very clear, straight-to-the-point teaching style; logical and simple explanations of difficult concepts; spiritual yet scientific approach, and lots of real-life analogies. I teach Tantra as Science and Art combined. My students often admit that at my sessions they finally start understanding what Tantra is, how it works and why (thanks to my background  in engineering, I guess.) Based on my education, knowledge, experience, understanding and intuitive wisdom, people often choose me to be their Life Coach & Adviser.

Here is the list of my educational achievements, qualifications and credentials:
- Master's Degree in electrical engineering, TV audio/video (Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Ukraine)
- Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (CTE III) by Source School of Tantra (Charles Muir's course)
- The SkyDancing Tantra: Love & Ecstasy training (Margo Anand's course)
- Yoga of Sex at Sexological Bodywork School (Joseph Kramer's course)
- Qualified for working with men, women, couples and facilitating group workshops 
- Founding member #1 of the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals (ASEP)
- Member of the World Association of Tantra Professionals (WATP)
- PhD in Metaphysics (Sacred Sexuality & Alternative Healing Arts)
- Diploma with highest honors in Natural Health Consulting (Stratford Career Institute)
- Diploma with highest honors in Relaxation Therapy (Stratford Career Institute)
- Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Complete Mind Therapist (The Royle Institute)
- Certified Quantum Touch practitioner (Richard Gordon's course)
- Core Transformation energy healer (Alain and Jody Herriott's course)
- Certified Aromatherapist (American Institute of Unani Medicine)
- Certified in Sacred Lomi Massage (Tom Cochran's and Donna Jason's course)
- Certified Practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (Gary Craig's course)
- Reiki Master (Hypno-Reiki, Karuna, Atlantean, Crystal, Angelic, Sacred Flames, Dragon, Intuitive Sexual)
- Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Ethics, Psychology, Sonography (CSN)
- Massage Therapy Principles & Practice (CSN)
- Certified in the Nirvana Method Massage
- Honorary Doctor of Divinity (ULC)
- Formally initialed and certified High Priestess of Tantra and Saintly Healer (ULC)
- Non-denominational Ordained Minister (ULC)
- Crystal Master and Healing Jewelry Maker
- Intuitive Visionary Fantasy Artist
I am fully qualified, skilled and experienced in the following forms of Tantric Bodywork,  Education, Sexual Healing, various Energy-focused Bodywork Modalities & Coaching:
Full-body Tantric Massage
Lingam Healing Massage
Yoni Healing Massage
Yoni Abuse Healing
Male Sacred Spot Activation & Prostate Massage
Female Sacred Spot Activation
Sacred Sexual Healing
Sexual & Orgasmic Energy Coaching
Intimacy & Relationship Coaching
Shamanic Tantra Ritual Healing
Training Men, Women & Couples in All Aspects of Tantra
Facilitating Group Workshops
The Tantric traditions of ancient India and other cultures viewed sexual energy as the Source of life itself and as one of the most powerful forces available to us as human beings. Sexual ecstasy was seen as a taste of the Divine. In these sex positive cultures, sophisticated lovemaking skills were developed and taught both as a science and as a form of art. Since we have repressed sexual energy for so long in the West, we are only now beginning to rediscover this precise and highly developed science.  
The mission of Tantric Educators is to facilitate access to Tantra's wonderful tools of peace, power and transformation for as many people as are ready to use them. It is our firm belief that the development of advanced love skills is one of the most appropriate areas for human exploration as we move into the uncertainties of the third millennium. Love does not destroy our environment the way so many other forms of gratification do and it certainly doesn't lead to aggression and war. In an age of divorce and sexually transmitted diseases we need nothing more than to form stronger and more lasting bonds of love. Tantra lights the way!