Amazing experience! Agree 1000% with all positive reviews.
OMG! OMG! OMG! I would never imagine a human's touch being so HEAVENLY PLEASURABLE as Vega's! Guys, you missed a lot if you never tried it! I'm not a newby in receiving massages from different providers, but Vega is out of this world!
I'm Las Vegas local, but travel a lot all over the world on business. I love to receive massages once or twice a week, and use every opportunity to get a massage. I've tried hundreds of spas and private places in many US cities & abroad, but never got a better session than with Vega. When I am in Vegas, she is always my #1 choice.
V.O., Las Vegas, NV
I'm a devoted regular client of Vega for a few years now. What she did to me I consider a miracle (and my doctor, too.) In my mid 60's I had a significantly enlarged prostate. Doc said it was pre-cancerous. After 3 sessions with Vega, that included prostate massage, my prostate greatly decreased in size, and now it's like a 35-years old man's prostate! Now my doc wants to "prescribe" Vega to his other patients with prostate problems. This woman is a true gem and a gifted healer! She also has brains, talking to her is a great pleasure.
David T., Las Vegas, NV
Dear Vega, I am looking for words to describe the experience I had with you and I just can't find them. I am not normally at a loss for words. What you provide is so much above and beyond any past experiences it only drives me to learn and experience more. Is this stuff addicting?" ........Some words are coming to mind....... Magical, Mystical, Mythical for starters.
Dan T., Highlands Ranch, CO
Vega, if it were any better I would have died! But I would have died with a smile on my face. Not only was it incredible, but it was followed by the most profound sense of peace and tranquility. I have never wept during any experience of this nature. This is a first for me! You allowed me to be in a space within myself where I felt immersed in unconditional love and acceptance."
Jim N., Louisville, KY
Dear Vega, the most earth-shaking experience of my life!!! and afterward as you held me I felt so peaceful, the distracting thoughts that usually clutter my mind where not there. I felt amazingly happy, vital, powerful, as if I were floating on a cloud in a suspended state of orgasm. How long did we lie there?"
D.B., Chicago, IL
Vega, dear friend! Please people must know my story! When I came to you for a Tantra massage I didn't have a clue that my whole world was about to be totally transformed. At 43 y/o I could not maintain an erection and when I did get one it was only half there. I also had a problem with pre-ejaculations. Living in this state seemed to be an inevitable process of getting older. My sex life was nonexistent (aside from manual.) My self-confidence had plummeted. Often I was angry, irritable, impatient, and depressed. The 'middle-age-bulge' around the belly added to my load. I am excited to report that I was with a new lover for the first time since I began studying with you four months ago. She and I made love for 7 hrs. I chose to only ejaculate once, as the grand finale! I had so many full-body orgasms during that time that I couldn't even begin to count. My erection was in full-force, it only seemed to get harder than before. The connection between us was profound. I can never thank you enough!
Eric K., Boulder, CO
Dear goddess Vega, my wife loves you!!! I've been practicing the technique that you taught me for increasing my staying power and I can go and go and go. She calls me her Energizer Bunny and she says she has never felt so deeply satisfied!!! :) God bless you for changing our lives!!!
David & Hellen M., Boston, MA
What makes her so special? There are many things, but the most prominent are her famous magic touch, outstanding personality and sweetness. As soon as her loving hands touch your body you'll feel like a king being cherished by a queen.
Mike Y., Las Vegas, NV
Just wanted to write and thank you for seeing me las night, Vega. I have travelled the world and experienced massages in Asia, America and Europe and sincerely say that the massage Vega just gave me was by far my best ever experience. She has the softest touch, mesmerizing eyes, a lovely curvy body and a calm and welcoming manners. My only disappointment was knowing it must come to an end. I will return many times if Vega will be happy to see me.
Allan R., Paris, France
We had a couple's session with Vega. My wife is normally very reserved, but this woman made her feel relaxed and comfortable in no time. What a sweet personality! The hands-on learning session was fantastic!
John & Jannet D., Houston, TX
The following is my experience and praise of your work, which was wonderful! I look forward to seeing you again soon. I have learned much about energy pathways in the human body, but until I your work, Vega I didn't realize the full potential.
My experience of your Tantric healing, Vega, was profound. You reconnected and strengthened the bioelectric field allowing currents of ecstatic energy to move through my body at a greater intensity and higher frequency than I have known. The increase in my energy level was amazing. I didn't feel particularly blocked when I went to you but I discovered through your very skilled hands how my own neuro-circuitry holds the key to increasing ecstatic sexual energy. The effect of this for me was an increase my sense of well being. My sexual, creative, spiritual energies feel as though they have been be turned way up. It is amazing to me how basic this energy is and how blocked it tends become without realizing it. Once you experience the difference in the state of energy and consciousness attained you will know the hidden potential within your own body.
Now as I intend to practice Tantra and learning how to focus this new found energy for it’s greater potential! Through your Tantric knowledge, you help awaken this potential, you are a truly gifted sacred sexual healer.
Jeff P., Las Vegas, NV
Vega is a true Master in the Art of Tantric Massage, with magic hands and great personality. Her massage was the best I've ever had. I highly recommend her to everyone!
Jack S., Las Vegas, NV
What can I say? This session was an incredible experience! Vega really knows what she's doing. She was reading my body like on open book. Everything was far beyond expectations.
Peter P., Antwerp, Belgium
Vega's Tantric massage is so artistic! I felt like her hands were performing a beautiful ritualistic dance on my body. I have no words to describe how wonderful the whole experience was.
Robert L., Melbourne, Australia
Vega's pertinent insights in spiritual and physical Tantra  go beyond academics. She has the ability to make the profound teachings of Tantra understandable to  everyone, including the novice.  In fact her abilities and wisdom go mostly unnoticed and underestimated except by others who recognize her state as theirs.  There is no outward display of  a spiritual supremacy. She teaches from a practical perspective, and does not limit her teachings on intellectual knowledge but from spiritual wisdom stemming from her profound experiences.
Jack L., Nashville, TN
My body was melting under her enticing hands. I've never had a massage experience that was as relaxing and complete as the one done by Vega.
John W., San Antonio, TX
I've had many Tantric massages in major cities in the USA and abroad, but Vega's sessions are by far the best.
Alex T., Tampa, FL
The worst thing I can say about her massage is that I got so frustrated when it was over. I just wanted to stay in that beautiful room and be pampered by her forever...
Mathew H., Las Vegas, NV
Vega definitely has some kind of magic power in her hands and words. I could feel the soothing energy pouring into my body throughout the session... I also want to mention that her every touch and move and word felt incredibly sensual, anywhere on my body and in my brain. What is your secret, girl?
Jeffrey X., Los Angeles, CA
Took my first session with Vega out of curiosity, didn't have any idea what Tantra was. Guess what? Now I'm hooked on Tantra. Unfortunately, in my city I was unable to find a Tantra provider at least 1/4 as good as her. Well, now I have a good excuse to go to Vegas more often.
Anthony O., Oklahoma City, OK
I'm not a novice in receiving and giving massages. Vega's massage was amazing! I even couldn't figure out how she does some of the moves. Seemingly simple touches resulted in very unusual sensations and effects on the body. Magic hands! Marvelous personality! I wish I had her talent.
Michael N., San Diego, CA
My curiosity brought me in, but I was somewhat skeptical. On all counts, the session greatly exceeded my expectations. Will be back for more sessions every time I come to Vegas. Thanks a lot!
Frank G., Seatle, WA
Vega, you truly are a Goddess! The pleasure I felt was immeasurable. I can’t express it in words. I was crying, but they were tears of joy for having discovered this way of life. It took me 54 years to know that there is a spiritual side to lovemaking and ejaculation. I will spend the rest of my years practicing! God bless you, my dear!
John O., Auckland, New Zealand
Incredible experience!!! Both the educational part and Tantric massage are fantastic! I never experienced anything like this before, and I've learned lots of new things. Will be back!
Jay P., Auburn, Alabama
This woman is a gem in the field of Tantra. She is very professional in the best meaning of this word. Her knowledge is so deep and her explanations are so clear and colorful that the knowledge I gained at our sessions will stay with me forever. It was a great pleasure to meet tantric goddess Vega of Las Vegas!
James B.B., Los Angeles, CA
I've seen several Tantrikas before our meeting, and most of them were good, but Vega was excellent! No doubt I'll see her again.
Scott L., Moscow, TX
Who said that good things come in small packages? This luscious woman isn't small, but truly precious. Her exotic appearance, sharp mind, witty comments and mildly Russian-accented English are the sexiest thing I haven't seen in women for years.
Mike S., Orlando, FL
Ooooh! It's so much better, absolutely delightful, to be touched by a soft, feminine body with natural curves and 38DDD's than by all those tiny, skinny-bony, breast-less, skill-less girls, or by ones with iron-like muscles, or by silicone-filled bags! The session was just great!
Alex E., Las Vegas, NV
Why did I waste so much money in oriental massage places? Stupid me! Never again! Vega, I'm all yours.
David J., Las Vegas, NV
Being very experienced in receiving massages worldwide, I've never felt my body to be touched so lovingly, affectionately, sensuously yet skillfully. There must be some magic in Vega's hands! BTW, her pictures are great, I'm going to buy more every time I come to Vegas.
Kevin, Boston, MA
Once you've been touched by Vega you don't want anybody else touching your body. It's a true blessing! She's a rare talent!
Lloyd M., Anchorage, AK
Tried almost all girls who offer Tantra, in LV and everywhere. Some are OK, some just look pretty, most are unpersonable, unknowledgeable and unskillful. Vega is a GENUINE TANTRIKA, absolutely best of all! Her level of expertize is VERY impressive, and hands-on skills are beyond believe!
Raymond G., Las Vegas, NV
Wow! The pictures are much nicer in person than on photos! I think I'm going to collect as many as I can afford. Vega's massage is so much better than I expected, I swear! Never had a massage better then hers.
J.B., Las Vegas, NV
I was hesitating at first, because the deal sounded too good to be true. But everything turned out to be not only honest, but understated, dudes! For $160 I got a very beautiful picture and the best tantric massage in my life! The place is nice, private and clean. Vega is most pleasant, intelligent and talented woman I've ever met. I'm addicted now!
Henry K., New York, NY
I want to express my huge gratitude to Vega for the massage I had last week. She is an enchanting lady, and to say she is fantastic at her job is an understatement. She helped me achieve something I never thought possible, and the entire experience was just amazing. Thank you so much!
Michael R., Denver, CO
I did not think it could get any better until I met Vega. Wow blown away! Wonderful touch, brilliant atmosphere, intelligent talk.
Chris W., Las Vegas, NV
Vega, thank you for allowing me to visit your calm relaxing home and meet you two beautiful, sensual and passionate ladies. After the 4 handed massage last month with Vega and Aniri I new I had the most fulfilling experience of my life. However when I revisited again and put into practice the techniques I had learned previously for a massage with Vega I truly had the most intense all body sensation I have ever experienced one which I will remember forever. Thank you, ladies, again and I hope to visit you again next time I'm in Las Vegas.
Jack A., London, UK
Hi Vega! Thank you for providing such relaxing surroundings to enjoy some free time. My time with you was amazing. You are a beautiful person - not just in appearance but also in your personality - and you have a wonderful way of knowing how to make someone feel very special. I hope it won't be too long before I have the opportunity to come back again.
Tonny M., Las Vegas, NV
I have never felt so relaxed and at ease with myself. All the frustrations of the day just disappeard. Beautiful sourrounds too. Will definitely come back here on my next trip.
Roger N., San Francisco, CA
Vega gave me the most amazing massage, she is an angel, very kind, good looking and very caring. Simply one of the best massages that I've had for a very long time. I will be returning in the near future. The room too was fantastic, very spacey, clean and tidy with a great massage table. I loved the artwork, too. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be so beautiful, I had a hard time to choose, wanted more than one and finally picked three.
Trevor S., Brisbane, Australia
The Tantra experience with Vega was the most amazing experience of my life. I had no idea that a it was possible to experience such bliss and ecstasy and to feel so alive. Vega is such an amazing healer and teacher and you can can sense her joy in this and that she cares deeply in helping people. From the moment I walked in I felt so comfortable and at ease and knew that I was in a very safe and beautifully sacred place. After selecting a very beautiful and most unusual picture, we went to her tantric room. She showed me how to connect and feel my bodies energy in a way I had never done before and then helped to make it possible for me to accept and surrender to it. This is when I experienced the most profound healing experience of my life, which has had an immediate affect not only on the situation for which I went, but also resulted in healing a place in my chest where I have held anxiety and many painful emotions. This has been a truly liberating experience since my visit to Vega. I cannot thank her enough and I am so inspired because of this experience. I can absolutely say that for the most amazing reasons I did not walk out the same man!
Daniel U., Toronto, Canada