My dear devotees! Thank you for loving my sessions and wishing to send me a gift!
I was thinking hard about what I should put on this page as desired gifts. I don't really need any more clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
I shop mostly on Amazon for books, videos, electronics, coffee, kitchen items, and even for my massage supplies.
So, Amazon gift cards would be just an IDEAL gift!
When you click on the card below you'll be given an option to choose the $$ amount you want to send me. Please send it to my email address:
Thank you in advance with all my heart! Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery  
I do my grociery shopping at Sprouts, which is within walking distance from my house. So, maybe a Sprouts' gift card will be a nice gift, too.
Sprouts Gift Cards - regular mail or personal delivery
If you want to bring something to the session dark bitter chocolate and a bottle of wine are always proper.
No vodka, please!